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Sat, 10am-8pm
 Address: 66 Leicester St

Fitzroy, Victoria 3065

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Established in 1866, the MCC is Australia’s biggest chess club. We strive to provide the best experience for chess players at all levels and all age groups.

Please note this club is run by volunteers.

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Sat, Junior Coaching

Sat, Allegro

Mon, Tournament

Tue, Blitz

Wed, Social Night

You have found us on the web now find us for real!

When you see this building in the heart of Fitzroy, then you have found us. MCC is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons. MCC is located just off the popular Brunswick St in Fitzroy. Check out our facilities.

New to chess

If you are new to chess then the club has a beginners night on Wednesday night from about 7pm (free to members, $5 visitors fee for non-members).

Every week MCC host a fun social tournament on Saturday afternoon from 2-6pm, see the Allegro page for details. It's a seven round 'swiss' competition, meaning you play people around your standard. Prizes are awarded in skill level categories, so it does not matter what level of chess you play, you can still compete for a prize. This a great competition to start tournament chess.

A number of the beginner players each year go on to play our more serious tournaments.

Learn more about how the club can help you as a beginner.

Juniors at MCC

About a third of the club members are juniors. 10-12pm Saturday mornings, in the school term, a professional chess teacher puts on a 2 hour group coaching class aimed at juniors who want to learn chess or extend their school level chess.

Many of these juniors stick around for the Saturday afternoon allegro. We highly recommend this for kids who want to play club level chess, as it is a great introduction.

The club has juniors at all chess levels, from world class players such as IM Bobby Cheng, IM Ari Dale and FM Jack Puccini (all of whom have represented Australia on several occasions) down to the absolute beginner.

Many of the clubs junior started playing between the ages of 6-8 years old. You are never really too young or old to start.

We offer a family membership as well as a junior membership. There are great opportunities for your child if you join the Melbourne Chess Club community.

Social tournament play

Besides just dropping in any day for social chess, the club offers some great social opportunities to play chess.

MCC's flagship event is the Saturday Allegro, form 2-6pm. Each week around 40 players of all levels battle it out. To the victors a share of the spoils, but because prizes are allocated by skill level categories, everybody is playing for a chance to win.

A lot of other weekend tournaments and novelty events are organised throughout the year.

Serious competition

The club organises 8 internationally rated tournaments throughout the year.

Even though these tournaments are serious long game tournaments they are still accessible to the more experienced beginner who is ready for a challenge. Competing in long play tournaments will improve your chess and will give you a chance to become rated. These tournaments are both FIDE and ACF rated.

Rating prizes are offered so everybody is playing for the potential to win a prize. Also we judge a brilliancy prize from each tournament. This often goes to a mid range player who has a particularly good game. Often the best players play more conservatively.

Compete in tournaments

Check out our 2020 events. Contact us if you have never played in a tournament before and want to know how to start. All our tournaments are open for beginners of first timers. Because MCC tournaments are rated you will get both an international FIDE Rating and a local ACF Rating for your chess performance (it may take a couple of tournaments to get the rating).