The Saturday Allegro 2-6pm (ONLINE)

We are pleased to announce the Saturday MCC Allegro Online is continuing.

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Trial tournament cost: $5 for members and MCC Online Discount Pass, $10 for non-members, all GMs/WGMs, IMs/WIMs & FMs/WFMs free.

NOTE ABOUT BRING A FRIENDIf you bring a friend to MCC Allegro Online for their first time then they can play for free for their first Allegro. If they play a second Allegro then you can play for free for your next Allegro.

Divisions: choose from

  • Premier (1600+)
  • Challengers (1200 - 1600)
  • Minor (Below 1200)

If your rating is above 1500 you may choose to play in the Premier. If you are above 1100 you may choose to play in the Challengers. If you win a division then you may choose to play in the higher division. We will use a local Tornelo rating, but if your ACF or FIDE is higher, we may use that to put you in a division.

Time Control: 13 minutes + 2 seconds per move


  • Premier: 1st - $80, 2nd - $40. Payment to Australian Bank account only. 
  • Other divisions: 1st - free entry in the Thursday evening masterclass with WGM Julia Ryjanova (or Saturday morning junior class with FM Ray Yang) plus free entry next Allegro tournament; 2nd - free entry to next Allegro tournament. Please contact us by email to organise.

The tournament will be run with an Arbiter, a Zoom video conference and online playing capabilities by logging on to Tornelo.

Discuss on chess chat:

How to register and play

Step 1: Login/Signup to Tornelo and join the online tournament. Use the link below:

On the day log in to Tornelo and go to the link above. Look for the big green Open Zoom room button to video conference with the arbiter. The button will open this zoom room:

IMPORTANT: When you join the Zoom meeting please put in YOUR name so the arbiter easily knows who is on the video.

Please try to login about 1.45pm ready for a 2pm start.  If the Arbiter does not see you in the zoom meeting you will not be paired in the first round. Note that your presence in the Zoom meeting is essential and is equivalent to being at the club. It will enable you to properly participate in the community including chat.

You must be logged in to play online games. Then just wait for the arbiter to post Round 1 pairings.

Video how to

Sign up and play


Having an arbiter and a video meeting means it will run pretty close to the same format as the normal Allegro. Rounds will run every half hour and local ratings will be preserved in Tornelo.

Going online is totally experimental and we are learning. In order to support this experiment we will record some ethics that will help things run smoothly.

  • We want to keep the community chess feel in the tournaments. 
  • You cannot be anonymous. You must provide you first and last name in full.
  • No cheating. You are part of a community that relies on you doing the right thing. If you want to cheat then go somewhere else.
  • No cheating, even for fun. We don't imagine that people will cheat. But just in case you think it is fun to troll somebody, don't as it puts the experience at risk for everybody.
  • Parents should make their kids aware of the dangers of cheating and supervise their kids. Parents must supervise their kids if asked.
  • If a player suspects another player of cheating, they should send a private message to the arbiter or send an email to No public accusations of cheating are to be made.
  • You must provide an email and phone number that we can contact you on. For juniors this must be the contact of one of your parents.
  • No talking about games in progress in the open chat.
  • Arbiter's decision is final as per normal Allegro
  • Be forgiving as we work things out.

Notes to Organisers

This section is for organisers of the Allegro so we get some consistency. 

Creating tournament
  * Always name the tournament "MCC Allegro (online)"
  * Select 'Play Games Online' option
  * Add zoom room to conference_url:
  * Game time 780 seconds + 2 increment
  * Divisions as above
  * Select 'Accept entries on the Tornelo website' option
  * Entry Fee
    - $10  Non-Member
    - $5 MCC Members/Discount Pass
    - $0 GM, IM, FM (Titled Players)
    - Redeem Prize
    - Invite a friend
  * No discounts
  * Require players to pay at time of entry
  * Allow players to choose their own division
  * Allow late entries

Arbiter permissions
  * Make sure you grant arbiter permissions to organise tournament

On the day
  * Open lobby 20 minutes before start of tournament
  * Open zoom room at the same time
  * Check ratings in rating groups (previous winners can play up)
  * After tournament click the finish tournament and rate the tournament