The Saturday Allegro 2-6pm

Every Saturday at 2pm about 40 chess players (from novice to master) meet for a 7 round Swiss Allegro at Melbourne Chess Club. Non-Members welcome.

  • When: every Saturday 2pm (finishes about 6pm)
  • Where: the Melbourne Chess Club: 66 Leicester Street, Fitzroy, Victoria
  • Contact: Elizabeth Warren 0400 405 220
  • Format: 7 round Swiss*, 13 minutes plus 2 seconds per move per person per game (you play all rounds).
  • Cost: $10 Adult Member, $7 Junior Member, $20 Adult non-Member, $15 Junior non-Member
  • Prizes: About 80% of the collected entry fee goes back into the prizes. Depending on number of entries there may be an open division and two rating group divisions, so lot's of prizes.
  • Who plays: Novices to Masters, 10 year olds to Octogenarians

* A Swiss tournament means you will play all rounds, each round you are paired with opponents with similar results. If you lose your first round, in round 2 you'll play someone who also lost their first game, if you then win your second round you'll play someone who also has 1/2 points.

First Saturday Super Allegro

On the first Saturday of each month MCC will be hosting Super Allegros. During a Super Allegro an extra $10 will be added to the prize money in each rating group.

When: First Saturday of each month at 2pm. Note normal Allegro will be on all other Saturdays.

Format: As per normal Allegro

Cost: As per normal Allegro

Entry: Show up before 2pm. No need to enter in advance.

Allegro is already a great tournament. On Super Saturdays it's well... Super.

Some photos

GM Igor Khenkin Allegro & 2013 Australian Women's Masters