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If you want to play chess tournaments in Melbourne you're in the right place. The MCC hold around 16-20 tournaments a year which range from "weekenders" (2 days long) to one night per week events held over a couple of months. We also run "rapid" tournaments like the allegro, which last a single afternoon and are social events rather than competitive. 
If it's your first chess tournament in Melbourne you can expect to find yourself alongside novice, intermediate and strong players. There are kids and adults, and the atmosphere is friendly and competitive. Check out the tournaments below and don't forget about our weekly allegro on Saturday. If you play school chess in Melbourne or Victoria then the MCC is the next step.


Arbiter Details (for entries, inquiries, postponements):
Kerry Stead:
0412-862-630, Email,

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  • Next tournament: MCC Open, September 9, 2013.
  • Enter:
    • Via email: kerry.stead@bigpond.com.au
    • By phone: Kerry Stead: 0412-862-630
    • By posting on chesschat

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