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Thursday Night Blitz

Notice! "Fight Club" is currently on hold. For up to date details please join the facebook page!!

A growing group of players are coming to the club on Thursday night for a bit of a laugh with matchplay blitz. Below you can see a few videos (language warning!) with games from Thursdays. Anyone is welcome to come along but come prepared for a bit of horseplay. I should probably mention at this point that the videos (and the attitudes in them) are all tongue in cheek! Thanks to everyone for being a good sport;) (Most videos are on our youtube channel)

From now on Videos will be on separate pages for each Thursday:
                                              Or just check THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL DIRECTLY!

Thursday 29th of November:
Curtain Raiser

Main Event:

Firegoat v The Hammer:

Thursday 22nd of November:

Thursday 15th of November:

Bear with us, uploading takes a while ;)

Thursday 8th of November: 
Last Thursday saw 3 epic match-ups, the first I've uploaded have been from the heavy-weight division with Frank HBK Lekkas taking on the ultimate fight-club anti-hero Michael The Baron Baron:

Game 1: Censored, but viewable here with a language warning.

Game 2:                                                                                                Game: 3

Game 5: The decider                                                                                                    CAN ANYONE STOP THE BARON???


Finally, chess-enthusiasts will be excited to hear that Elie, The Snake, The Wizard of Beirut, Lord Shambecou, Master of the Shahlabi Attack, Beranjia has finally been recorded live on camera. These and other videos are uploading as I type. ETA... Wednesday.

Thursday the 1st of November: (more to come... this one was a bit of a cracker)

Thursday the 25th, Game 1: Scrappy V Hip Hop Bandit

Game II: Firegoat V The Electric Eye

Thursday the 18th, Game 1: Merkel V Riddler

Game II:
Electric Eye v Uncle Chop Chop

Game III: Firegoat v (IM) The Man

Game IV: Hip-Hop Bandit v The Man

Thursday 11th October.

Language warning!