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3. MCC Cup Weekender

Arbiter Kerry Stead's blog

Round 7:

Round 6:

Round V:
Round IV:

Round IV:

Round 3: 

Round 2:

Latest News: (29/10/2012) FIDE Master Domagoj Dragicevic, Justin Tan, Richard Voon & Dean Hogg have entered.
Latest News: (25/10/2012) Free lunch! Club Treasurer Andrew Saint and some other committee members will be cooking up day II lunch.
Latest News: (21/10/2012) Club Champion FM Dusan Stojic has entered. 2 weeks to go, get your entries in!
Latest News: (2/10/2012) FM Bobby Cheng (2354) has confirmed his entry!
Latest News: (25/9/2012) Board 4 on the 2012 Olympiad team International Master Max Illingworth (2381 FIDE) has confirmed his entry. Max is the 3rd titled player to sign up so far with 39 days 'till kick-off.

Below are some game from the top end of last years event:
Showing 36 items
Player NameFIDE RatingTitleACF
Player NameFIDE RatingTitleACF
IM George Xie 2404 International Master  
IM Stephen Solomon 2391 International Master  
IM Max Illingworth 2381 International Master  
FM Bobby Cheng 2354 FIDE Master  
IM Andrew Brown 2296 International Master  
FM Domagoj Dragicevic 2274 FIDE Master  
FM Dusan Stojic 2263 FIDE Master  
IM Mirko Rujevic 2253 International Master  
Justin Tan 2250   
Ari Dale 2184   
Szilveszter Urban 2088   
Dean Hogg 2070   
David Beaumont 2061   
Frank Lekkas 2055   
Justin Penrose 2022   
Chris Kolak 1981   
David Lovejoy 1944   
Max Chew Lee 1873   
John Wildes 1843   
Gary Bekker 1813   
Paul Cavezza 1750   
Jack Hughes 1709   
John Beckman 1667   
Stephen Jago 1654   
Jason Chew 1649   
Finley Dale 1641   
Ben Frayle 1549   
Tristan Krstevski 1513   
Tanya Kolak 1427   
Regan Crowley    
Elizabeth Warren    
James Brennan    
Amelia Mendes   737 
Alana Chew Lee    
Carl Loucas   861 
Ray Yang   683 
Showing 36 items