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The Committee

The 2012 Committee:

President: FIDE Master Grant Szuveges

Vice-President: Elizabeth Warren

Treasurer: Andrew Saint

Registrar: Justin Penrose

Secretary: Anthony Hain

Committee Member: Pano Skiotis

Committee Member: Paul Cavezza

Committee Member: John Beckman

Committee Member: Jesse Jager

The 2010 Committee:

Club President Grant Szuveges.

From Left to right: Grant Szuveges introducing Allegro to  Malcolm Pyke, Alex Kaplan, Bob Krstic and Pano Skiotis.

The MCC Committee 2009


The 2010 pictures will be added in due course.

Malcolm Pyke has taken a Sabbatical from committee work in 2010, after many years of continuous service to the Club.

The MCC Committee 2010 thanks him for his work to date and wishes him success in future competitions.   






We are the 2010 committee of the Melbourne Chess Club.

We undertake to maintain the standards and long lasting traditions of the Club for the benefit of all members.


We are responsible for different aspects of running the club; our major responsibilities are as listed below.


If you need something, please try to find the most appropriate person to help you based on this list. For example if you have a question regarding the Wednesday evening Endgame Group, you should ask Carl Gorka as that is listed under his name.

We all live in different parts of Melbourne, so for anything “hands on”, try to contact someone from the appropriate area.


All of us on this list, and all MCC sub-committees are accountable to the Club president, the full MCC Committee and ultimately to all of the Clubs members.



The committee can be contacted via email at the following address:





President: FM Grant Szuveges

Lives: North

Phone: 0401-925-075


Responsible for:

-coordinating short and long term vision for the club

-coordinating fund raising events

-being the “face of the club” and representing the club

-liaising with other clubs, chess organizations and sponsors

-running most Saturday Allegro events

-seeking sponsorship

-promoting the club and club membership

-stocking the club with drinks, chocolates and chips

-organizing tournaments




Vice President: Elizabeth Warren

Lives: South

Phone: 0400-405-220




Responsible for:

-chairing committee meetings


-seeking sponsorship

-representing the club to MPs and council

-running most Tuesday evening Novice Nights



Secretary: Carl Gorka

Lives: South

Phone: 0406-021-559


Responsible for:

-taking minutes at committee meetings

-correspondence with MCC members (written and email)

-running most Wednesday evening Endgame Groups

-communication with other chess bodies, particularly Chess Victoria

-organizing tournaments

-coordinating cleaning/duty rosters



Treasurer: Pano Skiotis

Lives: North

Phone: 9386-7014


Responsible for:

-all financial matters



Registrar: Tristan Rayson-Hill

Lives: East

Phone: 0410-655-534


Responsible for:

-keeping an up to date list of members and their details

-analyzing data relating to the membership (eg. Who plays in which events, who supports fundraising etc)

-preparing statistics


-assisting with dgt technology


Website Editor : Bob Krstic

Lives: North

Phone: 9482-1283


Responsible for:

-all matters relating to the club website

-identifying and completing various Building and Maintenance projects

-all matters relating to maintaining and enhancing the Club building and facilities



Director of Communications: Alex Kaplan

Lives: South

Phone: 9578-9088


Responsible for:

-writing important letters re: potential sponsorship

-liaising with non-chess business contacts




Assistant Treasurer: Jesse Jager

Lives: East

Phone: 0412-905-958


Responsible for:

-assisting treasurer with financial matters

-representing the club at Melbourne University




Ordinary Member: Simon Dale

Lives: North

Phone: 0407-834-027