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Chapter 9: Building Funding


“By any means make money.”

Horace: Epistles, 20 B.C.

In the last forty-odd years the Club has renovated rented premises at 483 Elizabeth Street, bought and renovated 110 Peel Street, North Melbourne and bought and more than once renovated its present Fitzroy home. Many and varied are the means used over the years to get money into a building or renovation fund: raffles; the sale of food and drink; the sale of chess books and equipment from the club-rooms shop; hiring out clocks for a Scrabble tournament; jumble sales of donated goods; sponsorships (the Golden Fleece of the Chessonaut, so often pursued by Albert Cymons); Street Chess; the sale of life memberships; donations, including interest-free loans, from members and other chessplayers, especially the vital gift of Arnolds Rudzitis. In his report for 1989 the President acknowledged a gift of cash by will and a gift of books from a living member and “urged members, if not to leave their fortunes to the Club, at least to ensure that it received their chess books and equipment once they had lost the Ultimate Game”. This suggestion will bear repeating now.