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Chapter 8: Protecting The Building


“In the multitude of Counsellors there is safety”

Proverbs, 11, 14

More than once, covetous eyes have been cast on our building. At one stage the impudent suggestion was made by outsiders that we should use it to fund a new chess centre for them.

In October 1999 at Brooking’s suggestion the Club altered its Constitution in a number of ways: most importantly, to provide for the appointment of Honorary Trustees with power to veto resolutions of the Committee for the sale or mortgaging of the building. Unfortunately these alterations were not lodged with the Registrar of Incorporated Associations within the time allowed and so they never became effective, although the Club acted on the assumption that they were effective, and invalidly appointed Honorary Trustees.

Finally, in December 2005 Brooking achieved his long-held aim of writing into the Constitution a safeguard against attempts to dispose of the building unwisely or even in bad faith. This was to be done by requiring special majorities and a multitude of consents (from former Presidents) intended to be difficult to achieve. The AGM adopted this amendment to our Constitution.