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Chapter 7: Not For Sale


“The idea of getting rid of it nearly breaks my heart.”

Jerome K. Jerome: Three Men in a Boat

By the end of 2002 the Club was in financial difficulties. It was living beyond its means: for the last three years expenditure had exceeded income. In February 2003 the Committee, expressing concern about “the long-term viability” of the Club, appointed three members (Bob Brooking, Bob Krstic and Jim Wright) as a committee to consider and report on the future of the Club and especially its building. Some members had suggested that the building be sold and one proposal had been that we use the proceeds to buy smaller premises with a strata title in an old two-storey building being redeveloped at the corner of Gore and Argyle Streets, Fitzroy.

In a long written report presented by Krstic the committee strongly recommended retention of the existing club-rooms. It made numerous other recommendations, some in colourful terms (“the club-rooms should not be used as a doss-house”), aimed at improving standards of behaviour. In May 2003 a general meeting in substance adopted the report’s recommendations. At the same time the small but enthusiastic Committee, aided by two or three dedicated members, had revived the newsletter and renovated the club-rooms.