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Chapter 5: Spreading The Gospel

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“I did send for thee to tutor thee in stratagems of war.”

Shakespeare: Henry VI, Part I

Over the years the Club has tried to spread knowledge of the art of war on the chess board, although perhaps not always as much as one would wish. It has often been hard to find members willing to sit down with weaker players, especially beginners. But a good deal has been done. Simuls have always been a means of trying conclusions with a stronger opponent and many of these have been held at the club-rooms. Back in 1979 the Club was arranging ten-week courses at three levels. Private tuition has always been available, at least for the last thirty years or so. Recent years have seen classes for juniors on Saturday mornings. From time to time lectures, open to both members and non-members, could be heard on Candidates or World Championship games. In 1984 Emmanuel Basta was holding Adult Education classes on chess and encouraging class members to join the Club. Could this be done again now? In 1994 junior chess clinics were held and the patients responded well. Since the Renaissance of 2009 much has been done to attract and encourage beginners and introduce them to tournament play.

Szusza Polgar beats the President in 1988