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Chapter 17: Renaissance


“It is pleasant to recall past troubles.”

Cicero: De Finibus, 45 B.C.

On 14 December 2008 what was supposed to be the AGM was held. But some members had received inadequate notice of the meeting and many had received none. The meeting purported to re-elect the President and elect a Secretary. Even if the meeting had been properly convened, this Committee of two could never have functioned, since the Constitution required a majority for a quorum at Committee meetings and two persons cannot produce a majority.

A group of members energetically led by Grant Szuveges, with his Short Term Business Plan, decided it was time to resuscitate a club that had only with difficulty been kept alive. And so a fresh AGM was held on 1 February 2009, which declared the earlier meeting null and void and elected a new Committee –

President: Grant Szuveges

Vice President: Carl Gorka

Treasurer: Pano Skiotis

Secretary: Malcolm Pyke

Registrar: Stephen Wertheim

Ordinary Members of the Committee:

Slobodan Krstic and Alex Kaplan

Under the new Committee the Club has been vigorously resuscitated, with the revival of old and introduction of new activities, and renovation of the club-rooms. It can now look forward to its Sesquicentenary in 2016.