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Chapter 1: Author's Preface


“It was a mighty while ago.”

Ben Johnson: Every Man in his Humour, 1598

I joined the Club in 1947 but was a member for only twelve months. Then the Law claimed my attention and it was thirty years later that I returned and was promptly lured onto the Committee by Tino Fulgenzi. Back in 1947 the Club lived in the Athenaeum building in Collins Street, next to the Town Hall. Its home was one narrow, overcrowded, smoke-filled room, which I always crept into with trepidation. There is probably no other surviving member of the Club who can remember our quarters there. We were evicted in 1950.

Having rejoined the Club in 1977, I spent the next seventeen years on the Committee, twelve of them continuous as President, thus achieving a sentimental ambition to become the longest serving Club President. In 2009 the Committee asked me to take up the story where Care for a Game left off. And so now, Play On!

The Smoke-filled Room back in 1924