MCC Online Discount Pass - Discontinued

This pass has been discontinued. Please sign up for 2021 Membership through this link:

MCC Online Discount Pass will give you discounts to Melbourne Chess Club online activities including online tournaments, master classes, lessons and study groups. This has been introduced as an affordable way to participate in MCC's online chess community during the COVID-19 lockdown without having to become a full annual member. 

The costs of the MCC Online Discount Pass are:
  * 3 months - $22
  * 6 months - $40

We are using Tornelo to manage registration to the MCC Online Discount Pass. Please use the following link to register:

Current discounts:

  * MCC Allegro - $5 discount

Once COVID-19 lockdown has been opened up, you may convert your MCC Online Discount Pass to a membership by paying the difference. While your MCC Online Discount Pass is current you will also get the discounts for the across the board tournaments once we come out of lockdown.

Please note that MCC's standard annual memberships are still available if you wish to fully participate in the clubs membership.

MCC Members

All MCC Members are automatically granted an MCC Online Discount Pass. If you are a member then this is part of your membership.

If you are in a financial position to afford it we would love you to become members in preference to the MCC Online Discount Pass. Our standard membership can be found here:

All those who are currently 2020 MCC members or join as a 2020 MCC member will be offered a 50% discount for 2021 membership.