Junior Chess Class (ages 6 - 18)

Teaching children to play chess is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to promote their intellectual and social development.

When: Saturday morning during school term, 10am - 12am (see dates below)
Contact: Elizabeth Warren (0400 405 220, elizabethlaurenwarren@gmail.com)
Coaches: Jack Puccini, Ari Dale
Cost: Casual: $12/class (members), $15/class (non-members). Pre-pay term: $10/class (members)
Ages: 6 - 18 years old

2017 Program (Beginner & Advanced Classes)

2017 Term 1 (8 classes, $80 for term)

Week 1: 4th Feb, 10am - 12am
Week 2: 11th Feb, 10am - 12am
Week 3: 18th Feb, 10am - 12am
Week 4: 25th Feb, 10am - 12am
Week 5: 4th Mar, 10am - 12am
Week 6: 11th Mar, 10am - 12am
Week 7: 18th Mar, 10am - 12am (may be at a different venue for the Arnold Classic)
Week 8: 25 Mar, 10am - 12am

Casual holiday Saturday morning classes to be advised.

2017 Term 2 (8 classes, $80 for term)

Week 1: 29th Apr, 10am - 12am
Week 2: 6th May, 10am - 12am
Week 3: 13th May, 10am - 12am
Week 4: 20th May, 10am - 12am
Week 5: 27th May, 10am - 12am
Week 6: 3rd Jun, 10am - 12am
Week 7: 17th Jun, 10am - 12am
Week 8: 24th Jun, 10am - 12am

Casual holiday Saturday morning classes will be on between Term 2 and Term 3 (coaches Jack, Ari & Flora).

2017 Term 3 (9 classes, $90 for term)

Week 1: 22nd Jul, 10am - 12am
Week 2: 29th Jul, 10am - 12am
Week 3: 5th Aug, 10am - 12am
Week 4: 12th Aug, 10am - 12am
Week 5: 19th Aug, 10am - 12am
Week 6: 26th Aug, 10am - 12am
Week 7: 2nd Sep, 10am - 12am
Week 8: 9th Sep, 10am - 12am
Week 9: 16th Sep, 10am - 12am

Casual holiday Saturday morning classes to be advised.

2017 Term 4 (9 classes, $90 for term)

Week 1: 14th Oct, 10am - 12am
Week 2: 21st Oct, 10am - 12am
Week 3: 28th Oct, 10am - 12am
Week 4: 11th Nov, 10am - 12am
Week 5: 18th Nov, 10am - 12am
Week 6: 25th Nov, 10am - 12am
Week 7: 2nd Dec, 10am - 12am
Week 8: 9th Dec, 10am - 12am
Week 9: 16th Dec, 10am - 12am


Elizabeth Warren: 0400 405 220, elizabethlaurenwarren@gmail.com


Coach - FM Jack Puccini

Jack Puccini is one of Australia's up an coming junior players. He has recently achieved his FM chess title. He started his chess at this Saturday morning class about 8 years ago, and has played overseas in many International tournaments including representing Australia in the U16 Olympiad for several years. Jack has given lectures at MCC, is an inspiring player and should be a good role model for younger kids.

Coach - IM Ari Dale

Ari is a strong experienced player who in his formative years was a regular attendee of the Saturday morning classes at the Melbourne Chess Club. In 2016 Ari won the Australian Junior Chess Championship and has represented Australia on many occasions at the World Youth Chess Championships and U16 Olympiads. In 2013 Ari won a silver medal on board 4 at the Youth Olympiad in China. Ari’s wealth of experience can help show young determined players the path to success in chess.

Coach - WGM Julia Ryjanova

Julia Ryjanova is very experienced chess player and coach. She became WGM in 2000, used to be in TOP-50 highest rated female players in the world in early 2000, reached 35th position in TOP-50 in October 2002. Julia has played in many international tournaments around the world, including Women's World Championship. She won Asian Chess Federation Women's Masters in Melbourne in 2015. Julia Ryjanova worked as a chess coach in Russia (1997-2003) and Qatar (2003-2017), she was a captain of Qatar women's team in 5 World Chess Olympiads. Julia is ready to share her knowledge with young players and help them to improve their chess skills.

Coach - Zhiyuan (Flora) Shen

Zhiyuan Shen is an international experienced player and coach. She started playing chess in Shanghai, China before and has played in many tournaments, representing Shanghai on many occasions. She won the U18 National chess tournament before and got the second place in Australian Women's Masters in 2017.

Before Flora came to Melbourne, she used to give lectures to junior groups and do private coaching to young kids. Flora is good at inspiring kids, her knowledge and patience can help young players improve a lot.

About the program

Melbourne Chess Club has offered the Saturday morning program for many years as a way of introducing junior players to club level chess. The program aims to give the junior players the skills and confidence to play in tournaments at the club. In particular the Saturday Allegro and for the more enthusiastic players the open long play competitions.

Many of the strong junior players at the club have started at the Saturday morning program.

What to expect

Kids play in the spacious main hall of the club, our experienced coach explains some ideas on the demonstration board, then the kids get to play games and try to practice what they have learned.

Benefits of chess

Kids learn to focus, to analyze logically, to create plans, to weigh the consequences of their actions – all in an environment that fosters friendship, respect, and sportsmanship.

Follow this link for a study on the benefits of chess for kids.

Schools Recognize Benefits of Chess