Master Class with WGM Julia Ryjanova

Master Class with WGM Julia Ryjanova has now gone virtual. Here is how it works:

1.      Every Wednesday I will send 6 puzzles to all the participants to solve. The puzzles usually belong to one topic which is not disclosed at the beginning (test yourself like in a real game). Different topics are covered (it can be tactics, strategy, endgame etc). Do NOT use computer assistance if you would like to learn something.

2.      We will meet on Skype group call at 7:30pm on Thursday and I will do 45 minutes lesson on the topic all puzzles belong to.
3.      After the lesson I’ll send the answers to the participants so you could check them even if you missed out on the Skype meeting.
4.      Email Julia if you would like to join and for details. Costs: $10 for one lesson or $30 prepaid for month. 

Where: On the Cloud - virtual

When: Thursday 7.30pm - 8.30pm

Contact: Julia Ryjanova (

Cost: $10 for one lesson or $30 prepaid for month 

Ages: all ages