How to setup Zoom and Tornelo

For some Melbourne Chess Club online tournaments you will be required to use Zoom for sharing your screen and video as part of fair play policy.

Before the tournament

Install Zoom

Before the tournament install Zoom for your web browser. You only require the free version as the Club has a premium account for extended meetings. 

Create an account on Tornelo

Goto Tornolo and click the Sign Up link to create an account. Or click on the following link:

Have a look at the following video to see how Tornelo works:

Enter the tournament

Most of MCC tournaments are played on Tornelo. The tournament you wish to enter should have a link to the registration page on Tornelo. Follow the enter process from the Tornelo page.

On the Day

Goto Tournament Lobby

Go to the advertised tournament link on Tornelo. This will be the same as the one you used to register with. You should see something like the following screen shot.

Tell us you are ready to play

Once you are in the Lobby before the first round click the "I am here and ready to play" check box. This is like roll call and tells us you will be ready to be paired in round 1. If you do not do this we may not pair you.

Open Zoom Room

Click the 'Open Zoom Room' button to get into the tournament Zoom room. This is how the arbiter will communicate with you before the tournament starts and between rounds. It is also required for you to share video and screen share.

Turn your video on

Turn your video on by clicking the Start Video icon in your Zoom app. If you are worried about people seeing into your personal space then you can set the background by click arrow next to the Video icon, which opens a menu (see image below) then Choose Virtual Background.

Share your desktop screen

Close down all unnecessary apps on your desktop, you will need your browser and Zoom app. In the Zoom app share your desktop screen by clicking the Share Screen icon. Something similar to the image below will popup and then click Share.


Now you can just listen to the arbiters instructions as they welcome players to the tournament. Once round 1 pairing is done you will play on Tornelo website where a Play Now button will appear.