Parking Advice

Whilst you can usually find a park on Leicester St itself, or the club-adjacent Fitzroy St, here are some additional tips from the locals. Below are 4 hour parking spots if you need them before 5pm! Please read signs carefully, and remember that as parking restrictions normally end at 6.30 pm). 

1. Club Adjacent! On Leicester St itself or the perpendicular Fitzroy St.
Sorry to state the obvious! Check Fitzroy St just before the club building!!

2. 4 Hrs: Kay St (The blue bar pictured right!), just across Nicholson St, outside Fernwood fitness club.

Pictured left is the light blue circle, where you can find some 4 hour parks around 100-150 metres from the club.
If you're driving past the club, continue down Leicester St, turn left on to Nicholson, do a U-turn and turn left into Kay St.
(There is an interactive map at the bottom of the page if you want to zoom in and scroll around!)

3. The Red Bar! There are hundreds of 4-hour (before 6pm) car parks here, 150-250 metres from the club which is just across Nicholson St.

4.  York St, one street north of Alexandra Parade. (unrestricted over Saturday and Sunday)

5. Newry St in Fitzroy North (unrestricted over Saturday and Sunday, a nice 700 meter walk to the club)

6. Alexendra Parade itself outside the Fitzroy Swimming Pools.

Interactive Map:
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