New to chess?

Those who want to get started with chess are sometimes unsure about coming to a chess club as a novice. We're delighted that some of our novice members have taken the initiative to set up Novice Night which runs every Wednesday night. Entry is free for members, free for first time visitors, and $5 for visitors thereafter. This is probably the best place to start as an adult. For kids, we highly recommend our Saturday morning junior classes, run by expert coachs.

Secondlythe Saturday allegro is a weekly, friendly tournament where novices, intermediate and strong players play in one big group. The Allegro is the perfect way to ease your way into playing chess. It starts every week at 2pm: be there minimum 5 minutes early!

Thirdly, those interested in private coaches can contact the club with any queries.

Fourthly, whilst there is a wealth of information on the internet, you can check out a few tips from our members here.

Fifthly intermediate players will enjoy watching FIDE Master (& former club president) Grant Szuveges' free lessons on the MCC Youtube channel will help an improving player get an overview of 20 different chess themes. I strongly recommend going through them. 

FM Grant Szuveges Free Lectures

  • Welcome: FM Grant Szuveges Intro (Click "Playlists")
  • The Gurgenidze System for Black
  • Czech Benoni Opening For Black
  • Isolated Pawns: Playing with or against and IQP
  • Botvinnik-English System against the Sicilian Defence
  • Chess Lesson: Good and Bad Pieces
  • Chess Opening for Black: A System V Systems!
  • Queen's Gambit: Exchange Variation
  • Chess Strategy: The Minority Attack
  • Chess Openings for White: The London System and The Torre Attack
  • The King's Indian Defence (Chess Opening for Black)
  • The Maroczy Bind Lecture
  • Beating the French Defence
  • Endgame from the Sicilian Defence
  • Opening: Fort Knox Variation (French Defence)
  • Knight Outposts: Nc5 in the King's Indian
  • Nimzo - Larsen Attack (Chess Opening)
  • A system against Alekhine's Defence

Once you've done all that, you'll be ready to play in our tournaments, which as usual, contain novices, intermediate and strong players.

Apart from that- just come in! We're open regularly and the first visit is free. After that people are expected to sign up for a membership or pay a $5 visitors fee.