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2012 Grand Prix Winners Decided!!

posted 19 Dec 2012, 20:03 by Melbourne Chess Club   [ updated 19 Dec 2012, 20:03 by simon dale ]

One thing I love about the MCC Grand Prix is that it rewards participation first and foremost - followed by elitism. While our specific tournaments (eg. Club Championship, MCC Open, Cup Weekender etc) reward the players who play the best chess, the grand prix rewards those who not only play well, but also play a lot! Notice that the 7 prize winners in the open section only contain 1 titled player (MCC Champion FM Dusan Stojic), which indicates that the MCC Grand Prix offers great value to everyday players who support the club and its events year in year out and dont usually win a prize. You still have to play well to win a prize, but it makes it much easier if you also play a lot! Players are only elegible to win one prize each - in cases where a player could win more than one prize due to their score, they have been awarded the bigger prize (the one containing more money). Congratulations to all of the prize winners and thankyou for your continued support of the MCC and its events!


1st $400 David BEAUMONT (42.5)
2nd $200 Ari DALE (37)
3rd $150 Richard VOON (34.5)
4th $100 Sylvester URBAN (28.5)
5th $70 Justin PENROSE (26.5)
6th $50 Dusan STOJIC (FM) (25)
7th $30 Gary LYCETT (23)


1st $350 Gary BEKKER (30.5)
2nd $200 Jack PUCCINI (27)
3rd $150 John BECKMAN (21.5)
4th $100 Richard McCART (20)
5th $50 Jim PAPADINIS (19)


1st $350 Jason CHEW (30.5)
2nd $200 Finley DALE (26.5)
3rd $150 Tanya KOLAK (23.5)
4th $100 Anthony HARRIS (15.5)
5th $50 Ben FRAYLE (13)