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Tournament policy


1. Long play tournaments

Unless otherwise stated by the tournament arbiter or the tournament organiser the following club policy applies to all MCC tournaments.

Unless stated here MCC long play tournaments are conducted under FIDE rules.

1.1 Mobile phone

For all MCC long play tournaments the penalty for having your mobile phone (or similar electronic device) on while playing is a forfeit. There is no penalty for having your mobile phone off and hidden in your bag or pocket. If the arbiter sees you with your mobile phone he will assume it is on and you will be forfeited. Please note this applies even if you leave the tournament hall.

If your mobile rings while in your pocket, or in your bag next to you then you will be forfeited.

If you have forgotten to turn off your mobile then talk to the arbiter immediately and ask him to witness you turning it off. At the arbiters discretion you may make special arrangements for emergency calls.

Please note that in exceptional circumstances, in the spirit of this policy, arbiters discretion may apply. The arbiters decision is final.

1.2 Forfeit time

The forfeit time for MCC long play events is 30 minutes from the advertised start of the round. Please note that if the round starts late, your half hour still starts from the advertised time.

1.3 Rating prizes

Long play rating prizes are based your ACF rating when the tournament starts, if you don't have one then FIDE rating. If you are an international player without either an ACF or FIDE rating then the arbiter will make an estimate based on your local rating if you have one. Otherwise you will be considered unrated.

You are eligible for all rating prizes with a cutoff of higher rating than your rating. In the event of prizes being shared, or your eligibility to multiple prize categories it is the arbiter's discretion to decide the category and prize money, but typically unless you are financially worse off, you will be awarded the highest rated category which you win. Please note this may result in prize money from various categories being combined if they are shared.

Unless there is an unrated category, unrated players are eligible for all rating categories.

1.4 Half point byes

You may have up to two half point byes in a competition, excluding the last two rounds. A bye in the last two rounds will be a zero point bye. 

To be awarded the half point bye you must notify the arbiter before the end of the previous round. Please make sure the arbiter acknowledges your bye request.

1.5 Prize payment

MCC prize money will usually be issued via cheque (either in the post or in person).

1.6 Joining late

You may join long play tournaments up until round 3. You will be given a zero point bye for the rounds you have missed.

2. Allegro

2.1 Primarily a social event

Players recognise that allegro is a social event more than a competitive event and behave accordingly.
People engaging in loud  arguments or antisocial behavior will be removed from the tournament. 

2.2 Dispute resolution

In the event of a dispute, the clocks are stopped, and both players agree on an arbiter.
If arbiter is not agreed on within 2 minutes, a double-forfeit is awarded.
Players respect the decision of the arbiter.

2.2 Illegal moves

MCC allegro does not conform to FIDE rapid illegal move rules.
An illegal move does not result in a forfeit. Two minutes will be added to the offending player's opponents clock.