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IM Morris wins Blitz Marathon

posted 8 Sept 2013, 03:41 by Paul Cavezza   [ updated 10 Sept 2013, 00:27 by simon dale ]
James Morris has won the September 2013 Blitz Marathon!

Morris put in an impressive showing in the critical last rounds, while Baron appeared to have lost some of his earlier energy, dropping a few games. Nick Ilic did very well indeed and took away the rating prize. Final results: 

47.5 James Morris (IM)
46 Michael Baron (FM)
33.5 Jack Puccini
31= Frank Lekkas, Sylvester Urban
14.5 Nicholas Ilic
14 Goran Ilic
12.5 Philip Drew
2 Ben Frayle

A few people went insane during the marathon, and others now exhibit the compulsive tendency to play chess variants. But we got there. Attached is the final position for two of the players - you'll know what I mean when you see it. The player playing Black requested that I keep his name anonymous