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Some special guests (Allegro 1/6/13)

posted 1 Jun 2013, 17:17 by Paul Cavezza   [ updated 1 Jun 2013, 17:23 by simon dale ]
The Allegro continues to thrive with a regular 35 players showing up every week. This week participants were greeted by a returning James Morris & Dimitri Partsi, as well as special guests Alex Saint and Anthony Hain. 

Dimitri left the Epworth rehab hospital on Thursday and in July should be walking without crutches, he plans to play in the Victorian Open next weekend. James will likely still need another month before he is weight bearing but he can now leave the rehab centre on day-trips. Of course he still appreciates visitors at the Epworth.

The tournament was a strong one, and it looked like Simon Rutherford was going to take out the tournament until Dimitri pulled off an upset against the FM. For full results and cross tables visit:
and we hope to see you all there every weekend at 2pm!

#NameM/FScoreTie.Init. Rtg.A.O.Rtg.
1Michael BaronM632½23241994
2Simon A RutherfordM34½22471964
3Chris KolakM30½19771895
4Dimitry PartsiM531½20731825
5Milutin KrunicM528½16991676
6Tony TosesvskiM524½19421727
7James MorrisM33½23671938
8Jack PucciniM2918921682
9Eden McGorlickM2614311575
10Ian StoneM2518911592
11Sylvester UrbanM43320881939
12Paul CavezzaM42715851512
13Rad ChmielM423½17951678
14Nathan ChinM423½12441432
15Shane LawsonM422½16901483
16David StimsonM421½14711345
17Bosko TosevskiM420½14171400
18Ray YangM2715061825
19Goran IlicM2617741596
20Tanya KolakF24½13791470
21Liam YucelM2211581341
22Jacek KlukowskiM22new1469
23Daniel DobosM32715081529
24Alexander SaintM322½13381192
25Nicholas IlicM322½13361446
26Elizabeth WarrenF3209541349
27Myiesha MaundersF315½6891190
28Alex ChenM1910781389
29Karl DudfieldM226½13091370
30Nigel AppelboomM225½11081392
31Richard SnowM217½9751308
32Hunter ThorpeM216½8581210
33Oscar ChenM1188621170
34Ilkan EsiyokM110½new1362
35Keayen ChooM012½10001316

The inimitable Dimitri Partsi