2013 MCC Brilliancy Prizes

The Melbourne Chess Club awards a $40 voucher to our bookshop as a "brilliancy prize" for the best game submitted in each of our slow-play tournaments. To submit your game, either send it to melbchessclub@gmail.com, post it on facebook, or hand it in to the arbiter of the tournament. Below are the winners from 2013 so far!

#1: The 2013 Melbourne Chess Club Championship:
(Thanks to our winner Justin Penrose for annotating his game for us)

#2: The 2013 Edwin Malitis Memorial:
(Thanks to Jack Puccini for annotating his game)

#3: The 2013 MCC Open

#4: MCC Cup Weekender

#5: MCC Bob Brooking Round Robins

#6: MCC Christmas Swiss

#7: The Bob Brooking Round Robins