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MCC joins ACF Grand Prix for 2016

Melbourne Chess Club joins the ACF Grand Prix for four of their tournaments in 2016. This is great news for MCC members and Victorian players who play regularly in the club tournaments as they now have the opportunity to get lot's of points towards the ACF Grand Prix.

(Please note that this article has been corrected on the 15/12/2015. Originally it stated 7 tournaments were to be registered, however there was some fine print in the Grand Prix which meant the Monday nighters were not eligible. In particular the fact that there is a difference in the member and non-member entry fee. Now only the MCC weekenders are eligible.)

There are several divisions in the ACF Grand Prix including Open, Junior, Female, U2000, U1600. The total prize pool is between $4000 and $8400. See ACF Grand Prix web page for further details:

Players get points for how well they are placed in each tournament for each of the divisions they qualify for. As the year unfolds you can watch the leaderboard here:

The tournaments that have been registered ACF Grand Prix include:
In 2015 there were only four Victorian tournaments registered for the ACF Grand Prix, which meant Victorian players were under represented in the 2015 leaderboard. If they are not already doing so MCC encourages other Victorian clubs to register their tournaments so Victorian players are properly represented.

Go Victoria!