2016 MCC Christmas Swiss Weekender Enter Entries

$1650 Prize pool estimate
The following prizes are based on 55 paying entries:
1st: $400
2nd: $300
3rd: $200
4th: $150
Rating 1: $120
Rating 2: $120
Rating 3: $120
Rating 4: $120
Rating 5: $120
Rating prizes may be based on ACF or FIDE. Unless announced during the tournament unrated players will not be eligible for rating prizes. Prize money may be changed if the actual player numbers are different from the estimated numbers. Rating divisions may also be changed depending on numbers and ratings of participants
Dates: Friday 2nd December - Sunday 4th December
Grand Prix:ACF Grand Prix - Class 1
Register: https://mcc.enter.services/2016-tournaments/christmas-swiss/
Entries: https://mcc.enter.services/2016-tournaments/christmas-swiss-entries/
Location: Melbourne Chess Club - 66 Leicester St, Fitzroy
Organiser: Elizabeth Warren (0400 405 220, elizabethlaurenwarren@gmail.com)
Arbiter: Simon Dale (0407 834 027, scd@thecrag.com)
Rounds: 6 Round Swiss, ACF & FIDE rated
Time control: 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move
Entry fees: $55 Full Member, $45 Concession / Junior Member (add $15 for Non-Members)
Club Member IMs & FMs free. IMs not resident in Victoria free.
$5 early bird discount if paid before Wednesday 30th November.
Brilliancy prize: $40 voucher from MCC bookshop.
Byes:Two half point byes available from rounds 1-4
Timetable: Round 1: Fri 2nd Dec, 7pm
Round 2: Sat 3rd Dec, 10am
Round 3: Sat 3rd Dec, 2.30pm
Round 4: Sat 3rd Dec, 7pm
Round 5: Sun 4th Dec, 10am
Round 6: Sun 4th Dec, 2.30pm
Results/draw: On Chess Chat tournament discussion.
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This tournament has been registered for FIDE - https://ratings.fide.com/tournament_details.phtml?event=126315

Please pay early

Paying with credit card when you register online will help us run on time. If you pay early and have to withdraw we offer a full refund provided you notify us within 24 hours of the start of the event.

If you have already entered and want to make the tournament payment then you can do this through the following general payments page for the club's General Payments Page.

Round 1 pairing

Please be there before the first round starts.

If you are not there when we start round 1 you will not be paired (even if you have pre paid). This is because there are sometimes miss communications with round 1 byes.

If you are running late please call the arbiter or organiser and we will pair you.

If you do arrive late we will pair you with somebody else who is late.