2015 Brilliancy Prizes

Melbourne Chess Club Championships

2015 Victorian Open

City of Melbourne Open

Edwin Malitis Memorial

MCC Open

Bob Brooking Round Robins

Australia Day Weekender

ANZAC Day Weekender

Greg Hjorth Open Weekender

Christmas Swiss Weekender 

2015 Brilliancy Prizes

Administrative Notes

Judging and publishing brilliancy prizes:
  • Player submits their game for brilliancy prize
  • Arbiter collects and decides on short list of candidate brilliancy prizes from submitted entries and enters them into a chessbase database
  • Organiser selects a judge for the brilliancy prize (may be aribiter, or another player not in shortlist).
  • (optional) Arbiter sends the database to judge who annotates the winning game
  • Organiser creates a PGN (annotated by judge if possible) and prepares for publishing
  • Webmaster publishers PGN on this page

Publishing PGN

  • Open annotated game in Chessbase and select 'Copy game' button (this creates the PGN in the Windows clipboard).
  • Go to http://pgn4web-board.casaschi.net/board-generator.html
  • Paste the PGN in the provided input box (Note that you may need to edit the annotations to reduce the number of characters as there is a limit. The website will show an error when you generate the publishing link if there are too many characters).
  • Select the 'Brown small horizontal template' to align with the other templates on this page.
  • Click 'Generate HTML code and update preview'
  • Above that button then click the 'click here to create a short url for sharing the chessboard' link Google Sites does not like the raw link.
  • Edit this page in Google sites, insert the iframe gadge using the url from the previous step iframe height of 374 (or other if different size template) and width set to 100%
  • Note that you will only see the published board using the standard melbourne chess club url (not the site edit url).