2015 Brilliancy Prizes

2015 Brilliancy Prizes - Part 1

Australia Day Weekender

Two winners Tom Kalisch for his win against Michael Yeoh in round 6 and Ridley Scott for his win against Regan Crowley in round 4.

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ANZAC Day Weekender

Andrew Fletcher-Sylvester Urban 0-1 Round 2

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Greg Hjorth Open Weekender

Judged by Thai Ly the winner is Chris Kolak for his round 9 win as white over over Bill Jordan.  Chris sacrificed a pawn in the early middle-game for a lead in development and to keep Bill's king in the centre.  He the broke through with pawn to f5, and in the ensuing tactical melee Chris won Bill's queen to obtain  a winning position.

(Honourable mentions: Kanan Izzat for round 6 win as white over Martin Gruenter, and James Morris for his round 8 win as white over John Nemeth)

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Christmas Swiss Weekender 

2014 Brilliancy Prizes