2015 Victorian Open

IM James Morris
IM Kanan Izzat
IM Ari Dale

Past winners
2014   IM Izzat / IM Morris / FM Wallis     
2013   IM Dale / FM Dracevic / Li / Matheson

Prize pool estimate *
The following prizes based on 80 paying entries:
1st:                 $1250
2nd:                 $800
3rd:                  $500
4th:                  $300
5th:                  $200
1st U/2000:       $200
2nd U/2000:      $100
1st U/1700:       $200
2nd U/1700:      $100
1st U/1400:       $200
2nd U/1400:      $100
Brilliancy Prize: $40 voucher for chess books.

* the prize pool is calculated based on a formula which depends on actual costs and entries.

7 Round ACF/FIDE Rated Swiss. Limit of 92 players so take advantage of the early bird entry discount and sign up to play in Victoria's Premier Open Swiss tournament.

Dates: Friday 5th of June - Monday 8th of June
Organiser:    Paul Cavezza (0449 009 320, Leonid Sandler (0412201891)
Arbiter: Kerry Stead (0413 688 893, kerrystead@iinet.net.au)
Rounds: 7 Round Swiss, ACF & FIDE rated
Time control: 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move
Entry fees: GM / IM free if entered by 1/6/15. Full fee, $80, Concession/Under 18, $70,
Early bird entry discount (before 1/6/15) $5. (No free entry for FMs)
Notes: Half hour forfeit time.
Results/draw: On Chess Chat tournament thread
Links: Advice on parking
Facebook event

This tournament has been registered for FIDE (http://ratings.fide.com/tournament_details.phtml?event=111809)

Round 1: Friday 5th June, 7.15pm
Round 2: Saturday 6th June, 10am
Round 3: Saturday 6th June, 3pm
Round 4: Sunday 7th June, 10am
Round 5: Sunday 7th June, 3pm
Round 6: Monday 8th June, 10am
Round 7:  Monday 8th June, 3pm

At conclusion of round 7

By cash, cheque or direct debit:
Bendigo Bank, Carlton
Branch BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 132887126
Account Name: Melbourne Chess Club Inc.
If paying by direct debit, please email melbchessclub@gmail.com stating your name, the amount paid and the date you paid.
Paying on the day is fine.

How to enter

You can enter online by completing our Online Tournament Entry. No need to pay now, either on the day in cash or before the tournament with electronic transfer.

It is much better to enter early because your entry will encourage others to enter and the bigger the tournament the more prizes we can offer. It is ok if you decide later to withdraw, but please let us know.

If the online entry form does not work for you then please let us know on Chess Chat, Facebook, send an email to the Club President, tournament organiser, or arbiter or email to the club email address melbchessclub@gmail.com.

Make sure your name appears on the list below within a couple of days.

If you decide you want to do the competition within 24 hours of the first round, then please call either the organiser or arbiter, or turn up half an hour before the tournament starts.

List of entries

Showing 88 items
Last nameFirst nameTitleACF Rating
Last nameFirst nameTitleACF Rating
MORRIS James IM 2437 
IZZAT Kanan IM 2434 
DALE Ari IM 2270 
PUCCINI Jack FM 2230 
JORDAN Bill FM 2218 
ZELESCO Karl  2206 
SKIOTIS Pano  2172 
Nguyen Hoai Nam  2168 
LOH Zachary  2153 (Paid) 
URBAN Sylvester  2136 (R5 Bye) 
NEMETH John  2114 
HACCHE David FM 2093 
PARTSI Dimitri  2088 
CHEW LEE Max  1999 
STOJIC Svetozar  1976 
DIZDAREVIC Mehmedalija  1943 
LY Thai  1926 
MILOJEVIC Miodrag  1925 (R1 Bye) 
HAIN Anthony  1894 
DAVIS Tony  1885 
YANG Ray  1868 (Paid) 
YUNG Cameron  1848 (Bye R.1) 
JOTHIBABU Anandaram  1826 
VOON Richard  1805 
KRSTEVSKI Tristan  1801 
FLETCHER Andrew  1786 (PAID) 
CHEW Jason  1759 
CALVELLO Simone  1751 (FIDE) 
CHMIEL Rad   1724 (Paid) 
GHUMMAN Shumsheer  1709 
BEARUP Paul  1707 (R4 Bye) 
ANTON Sarah  1706 
TAN Kim  1700 (R2,R4 Bye) 
KILDISAS Victor  1697 
HILLIARD Geoffrey  1696 (Paid) 
YU Bobby  1687 
LEA Tom  1677 (Paid) 
GUO Zhi Lin  1656 (Paid) 
JAGO Stephen  1601 (Paid) 
DINGFELDER Carl   1600 (Paid, R1 Bye) 
JAMAL Mustafa  1585 
BECKMAN John  1489 (Paid) 
SINGH Surjeet  1435 
ZOU Brendan  1430 (R1 Bye, Paid) 
OSWALD Franz  1425 (R1 Bye) 
CHEW LEE Alanna  1419 
WANG Kayson  1403 (R1,R2 Bye, Paid) 
BARTNIK Natalie  1394 
LIM Cassandra  1367 (R1 Bye) 
GLEESON David  1329 
TREWIN Samuel  1313 
KOLAC Tanya  1282 (Paid) 
GUO Zhi Xin  1279 (Paid) 
LIM Christopher  1225 (R1 Bye) 
HARRIS Alexander  1212 
JONES Richard  1155 
DALE Simon  1147 
WANG Ruicheng  1073 (Paid, R1 Bye) 
ZOU Edwin  1064 (R1 Bye, Paid) 
THANDHI Mohan  1062 
ZHAO Isaac  1056 (Paid) 
CHEN Lachlan  1027 
BEEREN Lousanne  1026 
SOETANTO Brandon  1002 (R1 Bye) 
McCUTCHEON Alistair  0950 
ROISMAN Daniel  0883 
GRAY Alan  0862 
CHIVERTON Barnaby  0787 
CHEN Paula  0764 (R1,R2 Bye, Paid) 
WARREN Elizabeth  0729 
SNOW Richard  0707 
CHIVERTON Fergus  0635 
POBEREZOVSKY Daniel  0629 (Paid) 
THIAGARAJAN Mahalakshme  0610 
MAUNDERS Myiesha  0559 
DOGARIS George  0547 
DAY Jacob  0431 
JONES Zoe  0399 
PATERSON Charlie  0367 
JIANG Michael  0000 (R2 Bye, R3 Bye) 
BAILLIEU Atlas  0000 (R1 Bye) 
GURKAN Mehmet  0000 (Paid) 
SUGIHARTO Judi  0000 (OS, R1 Bye) 
RAITSIN Pavel   
PEARSON Michael   
PAPAC Luka   
NGUYEN Tuan Loc   
Showing 88 items