Current 2014 MCC Grand Prix leaders
Past winners
2013    IM Guy West

2012    FM Dusan Stojic
2011    GM Darryl Johansen

Historical cross tables
Prize pool estimate *
The following prizes are based on 65 paying entries:
1st: $600
2nd: $400
3rd:  $300
4th:  $200
5th:  $100
U/2000 1st: $300
U/2000 2nd: $200
U/2000 3rd: $100
U/1700 1st: $300
U/1700 2nd: $200
U/1700 3rd: $100
U/1200 1st: $100
* the prize pool is calculated based on a formula which depends on actual costs and entries.

2014 MCC Club Championship

Join us for our premier event of the year. The one that means the most to the club and its members.

Dates: Monday February 3rd - Monday April 7th
Promotor: Paul Cavezza (0449 009 320), melbchessclub@gmail.com
Arbiter: Kerry Stead (0412-862-630, kerrystead@iinet.net.au)
Rounds: 9
MCC Grand Prix: 2nd event, 9 points
Time control: 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move
Entry fees: Early bird entry (before 1/2/2014): Full: $70, Concession / Junior: $60. GMs and IMs and club member FMs are free if registered before 1/2/2014. Late entry: Add $5. Participants must be MCC members, and membership is payable on day 1 of the event.
Brilliancy prize: $40 voucher from MCC bookshop (see 2013 winners).
Notes: Half hour forfeit time. No game on Monday March 10th.
Results/draw: On Chess Chat tournament discussion - click here.
Links: Current entry list
Advice on parking
Facebook event
ACF Rating List
Round 1: Monday, 3rd Feb, 7.15pm
Round 2: Monday, 10th Feb, 7.15pm
Round 3: Monday, 17th Feb, 7.15pm
Round 4: Monday, 24th Feb, 7.15pm
Round 5: Monday, 3rd Mar, 7.15pm
Round 6:
Monday, 17th Mar, 7.15pm
Round 7:
Monday, 24th Mar, 7.15pm
Round 8:
Monday, 31st Mar, 7.15pm
Round 9:
Monday, 7th Apr, 7.15pm
By cash, cheque or direct debit:
Bendigo Bank, Carlton
Branch BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 132887126
Account Name: Melbourne Chess Club Inc.
If paying by direct debit, please email melbchessclub@gmail.com stating your name, the amount paid and the date you paid.
Paying on the day is fine.

How to enter

You can enter online by completing our Online Tournament Entry. No need to pay now, either on the day in cash or before the tournament with electronic transfer.

It is much better to enter early because your entry will encourage others to enter and the bigger the tournament the more prizes we can offer. It is ok if you decide later to withdraw, but please let us know.

If the online entry form does not work for you then please let us know on Chess Chat, Facebook, send an email to the Club President, tournament promotor, or arbiter or email to the club email address melbchessclub@gmail.com.

Make sure your name appears on the list below within a couple of days.

If you decide you want to do the competition within 24 hours of the first round, then please call either the promotor or arbiter, or turn up half an hour before the tournament starts.

List of entries

Showing 49 items
SurnameFirst NameTitleFIDE RatingACF RatingMaybeByes
SurnameFirst NameTitleFIDE RatingACF RatingMaybeByes
Dale Ari IM 2244 2319   
Stojic Dusan FM 2233 2301   
Dragicevic Domagoj FM 2199 2266   
Rujevic Mirko IM 2182 2265   
Gorka Carl  2146 2158   
Pyke Malcolm  2122 2129   
Michaille Laurent  2114 2151   
Puccini  Jack CM 2078 2082   
Krstic Slobodan  2048    
Stojic Svetozar  2029 2052   
Ly Thai  2007 1944   
Penrose Justin  1986 1961  R.1 
O'Molloy Eamonn  1925    
Dizdarevic Mehmedalija  1920 1884   
Davis Tony  1911 1887   
Kalisch Tom  1901 1855   
Schmidt Simon  1896 1939   
Drew Phillip  1885 1822  R. 1 
Lycett Gary  1871 1783   
Kovacevic Paul  1853 1826   
Hain Anthony  1844 1795   
McCart Richard  1840 1763   
Voon Richard  1834 1818   
Chew Jason  1814 1845   
Beattie Roger  1747 1598   
Cavezza Paul  1740  1697   
Dale Finley  1739 1629   
Anton Sarah  1717 1590   
Malejewicz Alexander  1702    
Krstevski Tristan  1697 1667   
Yang Ray  1695 1516   
Kaplan Alex  1684 1602   
McCart Roder  1681 1539   
Beckman John  1660 1594   
KrishnaMurthy Mukesh  1649 1495  R.1 
Simon Endre  1600 1518   
Kolak Tanya  1438 1231   
Cain Ilker   1850 (provisional)   
Martin Jamie   1616   
Hain Michael   1438   
Mullen Christopher   1425   
Lean Giles   0851   
Snow Richard   0606   
Chen Matthew      
Dale Simon      
De Fazio Anthony      
Sather Marnie      
Vainer Michael      
Temelloza Gilbert      
Showing 49 items