Featuring: Russian GM Vasily Papin
Prize pool estimate [TBC]*
The following prizes are based on 60 paying entries:
1st:   $400 
2nd:  $300  
3rd:  $200  
4th: $100
Rating 1: $100    
Rating 2: $100   
Rating 3: $100   
Rating 4: $100
Best Junior: $80
* the prize pool is calculated based on a formula which depends on actual costs and entries.

2014 MCC Christmas Swiss Weekender.

Featuring the Russian GM Vasily Papin. If you participate you might be one of six players to play an internationally visiting Grand Master. 

This tournament is the last chance to enter your games into the 2014 Greg Hjorth Brilliancy Prize.

Dates: December 5th – 7th
Organiser: Simon Dale (0407 834 027, scd@thecrag.com)
Arbiter: Kerry Stead (0412 862 630, kerrystead@iinet.net.au)
Rounds: 6 rounds Swiss
MCC Grand Prix: 9th event, 6 points
Time control: 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move
Entry fees: Adult Member: $55, Concession Member: $45 (add $10 for non-members) GMs and IMs are free and club member FMs are free.
Brilliancy prize: $40 voucher from MCC bookshop.
Notes: Half hour forfeit time. Maximum of two half-point byes allowed (none in rounds 5 & 6)
Results/draw: On www.chesschat.org tournament discussion.
Links: Current entry list
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ACF Rating List
Round 1: Fri 5th Dec, 7pm
Round 2: Sat 6th Dec, 10am
Round 3: Sat 6th Dec, 2.30pm
Round 4: Sat 6th Dec, 7pm
Round 5: Sun 7th Dec, 10am
Round 6:
Sun 7th Dec, 2.30pm

By cash, cheque or direct debit:
Bendigo Bank, Carlton
Branch BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 132887126
Account Name: Melbourne Chess Club Inc.
If paying by direct debit, please email melbchessclub@gmail.com stating your name, the amount paid and the date you paid.
Paying on the day is fine.

How to enter

You can enter online by completing our Online Tournament Entry. No need to pay now, either on the day in cash or before the tournament with electronic transfer.

It is much better to enter early because your entry will encourage others to enter and the bigger the tournament the more prizes we can offer. It is ok if you decide later to withdraw, but please let us know.

If the online entry form does not work for you then please let us know on Chess Chat, Facebook, send an email to the Club President, tournament promotor, or arbiter or email to the club email address melbchessclub@gmail.com.

Make sure your name appears on the list below within a couple of days.

If you decide you want to do the competition within 24 hours of the first round, then please call either the promotor or arbiter, or turn up half an hour before the tournament starts.

List of entries

Showing 46 items
First nameLast nameTitleACF Rating
First nameLast nameTitleACF Rating
Vasily Papin GM 2499 
Izzat Kanan IM 2402 
Michael Baron (R2,R3) FM 2350 
Karl Zelesco (R1)  2281 
Marc Repplinger  2243 
Denis Bourmistrov (R1)  2211 
Jack Puccini CM 2120 
Sylvester Urban  2093 
Bill Kerr  2085 
Zachary Loh (R2)  2084 
Justin Penrose  1974 
Kanishka Premathilaka  1931 
Mehmedalija Dizdarevic  1915 
Ray Yang  1881 
Jason Chew  1807 
Gary Bekker  1779 
Tristan Krstevski  1760 
Andrew Fletcher  1733 
Efrain Tionko  1732 
Vishal Bhat  1713 
Shumsheer Ghumann  1659 
Geoff Barber (R1)  1599 
Regan Crowley  1541 
Surjeet Singh (R1)  1516 
Tanya Krstevska  1483 
Damian Van Den Hoff  1460 
Elliott Renzies (R1,R4)  1432 
Christopher Mullen  1389 
Tanya Kolak  1333 
Cassandra Lim (R1)  1292 
Simon Dale  1248 
Christopher Lim (R1)  1227 
Jody Middleton (R1)  1102 
James Brennan  0965 
Andre New  0739 
Amelia Mendes  0673 
Sunil Kamath   
Niruruthi Ravichandren   
Jacob Day   
Jeffrey Hillard   
Aijun Wang   
Anandaram Jothibabu   
Connor Franes (R4)   
Spencer Franes (R4)   
Tyler Stewart (R4)   
Andre New   
Showing 46 items