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City of Melbourne

Brilliancy prizes can now either select a book to the value of $40 from our bookshop, or order a book online and be reimbursed (after presenting a receipt) up to $40. The judge for the City of Melbourne was FM Grant Szuveges, who wrote the following about Malcolm Pyke - Jack Puccini: 

"This was the best game - it was a fighting game where both sides played well, took some risks, unbalanced the position and played to win. White probably had a slight edge but there was enough counterplay for black to be a realistic chance. The exchange sacrifice by white was very good as it converted a positional advantage into an initiative based advantage. White played the endgame extremely well in what seemed like a high pressure game."

Grant also gave an honourable mention to the following game, Simon Schmidt - Richard Voon: 

"This was the second best game - and is worthy of the brilliancy prize. White plays a very nice game and outplays black who also plays a reasonable game. The game is also quite pretty and is a standard type of Sicilian position. This is a hard position to play well with white which gives the game extra points."