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Bob Brooking Round Robins

The winner of the Brooking round robins Brilliancy prize is Jim Papadinis, who was playing in group D of the event.
Judge's (FM Bill Jordan) notes: 

Seven games were entered for the brilliancy prize.

It developed into a contest between two games:
Fletcher - Papadinis and Stead - Puccini.

Of the other games, there were some well played by the winners, but the resistance by the loser was too weak to make it interesting.
(A game like 1.e4 g5 2.d4 f6 3.Qh5# will not win, even though White played perfectly).

In one game (Pyke - Bourmistrov), there was an inspired bayonet attack (g4), but the attack wasn't sound and could have easily failed.

Puccini played very actively, sacrificing a pawn and mercilessly harassing the Stead king. 23...Nf4! was an inspired move, leaving the other knight en prise.
However, he let the advantage slip several times, and Kerry had an equal position when he blundered with 36.Qg4?.

The winning game is Fletcher - Papadinis. There were no deep tactics in this game, but it was well played strategically by Black.

Two weak exchanges by White (Nxf4? opening up the g-file and Bh4? swapping off his good bishop) left him with a strategically lost game. Black played a nice positional exchange sacrifice with 24...Rg3. There was no immediate tactical win,  instead White had a King, Queen and rook all tied up, which lead to his demise.