$500 Prize pool estimate [TBC]*
The following prizes are based on 40 paying entries:
1st: $150
2nd: $100
3rd: $50
Rating 1: $100
Rating 2: $100
Rating 3: (TBA if more than 50 paying entries)
* the prize pool is calculated based on a formula which depends on actual costs and entries.

2014 MCC Allegro Club Championships

The title “MCC Allegro Champion” will be awarded to the highest scoring MCC member. If the winner of the tournament is a non-member, then the title will go to the MCC member with the highest score. Membership status does not affect the prize money though and non-members can still win the prize money!

When: Saturday 22nd November, 2pm
Organiser: Michael Pearson (0438 666 407,mapearson1990@gmail.com)
Format: 9 round Swiss
Time control: 15 minutes per player per game
Entry fees: $15 (juniors $12) add $5 for non-members. GMs and IMs are free and club member FMs are free.
Chess chat discussion: Chess Chat discussion

How to pay

You can pay on the day.