$2700 Prizes

Open U1800 U1500
1st $400 $350 $350
2nd $200 $200 $200
3rd $150 $150 $150
4th $100 $100 $100
5th $70 $50 $50
6th $50

7th $30

2012 Winners

Open David BEAUMONT $400
U1800 Gary BEKKER $350
U1500 Jason CHEW $350

MCC 2013 Grand Prix

Melbourne Chess Club Grand Prix is a $2700 prize pool that is awarded at the end of the year to 17 club players for number of games won across 9 participating tournaments. Prizes are awarded for Open, Under 1800 and Under 1500 categories (your rating is taken from start of the year), which means you have real chances of wining a prize no matter what your rating is- see current leaderboard.

Please note that the official list for 2013 can be found on a Chess Chat discussion:

MCC Grand Prix Chess Chat discussion

The more tournaments you enter the more chance of wining a prize. In fact regular tournament goers could win most of their tournament entry back. Half points due to byes count.

Next event: 2014 Grand Prix.


MCC is particularly proud that MCC Juniors win almost half the MCC Grand Prix prize value ($1100 out of $2700).

MCC tournament participation is up considerably from last year, with 360 long play tournament entries for the year. That is an average of 40 players per tournament. Next year we are hoping to get this to an average entry of 50 players. This means you can be confident that no matter which MCC tournament you register for it will be a good one.

For 2014 register often, register early.


38.5 Jason CHEW
37.0 Jack PUCCINI (CM)
36.0 Malcolm PYKE
30.0 Mirko RUJEVIC (IM)
26.0 Richard VOON
26.0 Justin PENROSE
23.0 David HACCHE (FM)
  Under 1800
35.5 Gary BEKKER (CM)
28.0 Finley DALE
20.0 Anthony HAIN
19.5 John BECKMAN
  Under 1500
25.0 Tanya KOLAK
22.5 Ray YANG
15.0 Daniel DOBOS
14.5 Tristan KRSTEVSKI

Participating tournaments

Tournament Start Rounds
Australia Day Weekender 25th Jan 5 rounds
MCC Club Championship 4th Feb 9 rounds
ANZAC Day Weekender April 25th 7 rounds
City Of Melbourne Open 29th Apr 9 rounds
Edwin Malitis Memorial 15th July 7 rounds
MCC Open 9th Sep 9 rounds
MCC Cup Weekender 1st Nov 9 rounds
Bob Brooking Round Robins 18th Nov 5 rounds
Christmas Swiss 6th Dec 6 rounds