IM Max Illingworth
IM Stephen Solomon
IM Leonid Sandler
IM James Morris
IM Ari Dale
Current MCC Grand Prix leaders
Open Malcolm Pyke (22.5 points)
U1800 Jason Chew (21.5 points)
U1500 Dan Dobos and Tanya Kolak (12 points)
Past winners
2012 IM Max Illingworth
2011 IM George Xie
2010 FM Teichmann, IM Rujevic, FM Tan
2009 FM Teichmann
Historical cross tables
Prize pool estimate *
The following prizes are based on paying entries:
30 paying entries: $1200 prize pool
40 paying entries: $1700 prize pool
50 paying entries: $2200 prize pool
60 paying entries: $2700 prize pool
70 paying entries: $3200 prize pool
80 paying entries: $3700 prize pool
* the prize pool is calculated based on a formula which depends on actual costs and entries.

2013 MCC Cup Weekender

Full 9 rounds of quality chess in one weekender. What else is there to do on Melbourne Cup long weekend? Please note that if you have work/school on Monday then you are entitled to two half point byes.

Dates: November 1st – 5th
Organiser: Simon Dale (0407-834-027, scd@thecrag.com)
Arbiter: Kerry Stead (0412-862-630, kerry.stead@bigpond.com)
Rounds: 9 round swiss
MCC Grand Prix: 9 points
Time control: 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move
Entry fees: $100 ($90 concession, $80 for under 18s) less $10 MCC members. GMs and IMs are free and club member FMs are free.
Brilliancy prize: $40 voucher from MCC bookshop (see 2013 winners).
Flyer: PDF version of flyer
Notes: Players may take 2 half point byes in rounds 1-7. Half point byes are not given in rounds 8-9.
Half hour forfeit time.
Results/draw: On Chess Chat tournament discussion - click here.
Links: Current entry list
Advice on parking
Facebook event
ACF Ratings
Round 1: Friday Nov 1, 7pm
Round 2: Saturday Nov 2, 10am
Round 3: Saturday Nov 2, 3.30pm
Round 4: Sunday Nov 3, 10am
Round 5: Sunday Nov 3, 3.30pm
Round 6: Monday Nov 4, 10am
Round 7: Monday Nov 4, 3.30pm
Round 8: Tuesday Nov 5, 10am
Round 9: Tuesday Nov 5, 3.30pm
By cash, cheque or direct debit:
Bendigo Bank, Carlton
Branch BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 132887126
Account Name: Melbourne Chess Club Inc.
If paying by direct debit, please email melbchessclub@gmail.com stating your name, the amount paid and the date you paid.
Paying on the day is fine.

How to enter

You can enter online by completing our Online Tournament Entry. No need to pay now, either on the day in cash or before the tournament with electronic transfer.

It is much better to enter early because your entry will encourage others to enter and the bigger the tournament the more prizes we can offer. It is ok if you decide later to withdraw, but please let us know.

If the online entry form does not work for you then please let us know on Chess Chat, Facebook, send an email to the Club President, tournament organiser, or arbiter or email to the club email address melbchessclub@gmail.com.

Make sure your name appears on the list below within a couple of days.

If you decide you want to do the competition within 24 hours of the first round, then please call either the organiser or arbiter, or turn up half an hour before the tournament starts.

Are you coming from interstate?

Ask us about billeting. Some of our club members are willing to host interstate families for the weekend.

List of entries

Showing 56 items
Last nameFirst nameTitleACF
Last nameFirst nameTitleACF
Illingworth Max IM 2516 
Solomon Stephen IM 2452 
Morris James IM  2403 
Goldenberg Igor IM 2395 
Dale Ari IM 2322 
Stojic Dusan  FM 2320 
Li Zuhao FM 2318 (FIDE) 
Jordan Bill FM 2229 
Nemeth John  2179 
Partsi Dimitry  2115 
Kerr Bill  2107 
Loh  Zachary  2089 
Hacche David FM 2058 
Lester George   2050 
Cloudsdale Colin  2021 
Puccini Jack CM 2004 
Footner Andrew   1983 (FIDE) 
Lacey David  1931 
O'Molloy Eamonn  1926 (FIDE) 
Chew Lee Max  1915 
Dizdarevic Mehmedalija  1895 
Kolak Chris  1893 
Kalisch Thomas  1859 
Willathgamuwa Kevin  1855 
Willathgamuwa Rowan  1853 
Bekker Gary CM 1806 
Hain Anthony  1805 
Chew Jason  1783 
Singh Surjeet  1741 
Narenthran Savithri WFM 1725 
Grabovac Marko  1717 
Hilliard Geoffrey  1682 
Ilic Goran  1672 
Beckman John  1613 
Lin Gary  1607 
Dale Finley  1583 
Krstevski Tristan  1582 
Cavezza Paul  1560 
Dobos Dan   1554 
Bakanursky Will  1547 
Bhat Vishal  1500 
Krishnamurthy Mukesh  1491 
Yang Ray  1460 
Wildes John  1453 
Kolak Tanya  1231 
Crowley Regan  1172 
Gooch Heath  1097 
Trewin Samuel  0898 
Lean Giles   0884 
Wang Kayson  0742 
Yao Licia  0605 
Cheng Dai   
Ilic Nick   
Wu Yang   
Singh Jaiwant   
Low Sam   
Showing 56 items