Current MCC Grand Prix leaders
Open Jason Chew / Jack Puccini  (27 points)
U1800 Gary Bekker (25 points)
U1500 Tanya Kolak (15.5 points)
Past winners
2012 GM Zhao / IM Illingworth / Davis / Tan
2011 FM Michael Baron
2010 IM James Morris
2009 David Garner
Historical cross tables
Prize pool estimate *
Prizes based on 60 paying entries:
1st: $500
2nd: $400
3rd: $300
4th: $150

1st U/2000: $300 (+1 hour coaching [FM Baron])
2nd U/2000: $200
3rd U/2000: $100

1st U/1700: $300 (+1 hour coaching [FM Jordan])
2nd U/1700: $200
3rd U/1700: $100

1st U/1300: $125 (+1 hour coaching with Anthony Hain)
2nd U/1300: $75 (+1 hour coaching with Paul Cavezza)
Best game U/1300: $50
Best Junior: 1 hour coaching with IM Igor Goldenberg)

* the prize pool is calculated based on a formula which depends on exact number of juniors/concessions etc.

2013 Andrew Saint & Hannibal Swartz Memorial

This year the MCC Christmas Swiss will be a memorial to Andrew Saint and Hannibal Swartz. The event will have the same format the Christmas Swiss usually has, and the entry fee has been dropped by $5 for all participants. The Melbourne Chess Club would like to thank Chess Victoria for its support of this event, as well as IM Igor Goldenberg, FM Michael Baron, FM Bill Jordan and Anthony Hain for offering coaching prizes. On Sunday we'll be running a free BBQ for most of the day, with our sincere thanks going out to Kevin Chew (Jason's Father) for generously giving his time and money to make this happen!!

We'd also like to remind players of The Andrew Saint Memorial being held on Boxing Day in Adelaide. It promises to be a unique event and we hope to see many of you in Adelaide too.

Dates: December 6th - 8th
Organiser: Paul Cavezza (0449-009-320,
Arbiter: Kerry Stead (0412-862-630,
Rounds: 6 round swiss
MCC Grand Prix: 6 points
Time control: 90 minutes + 30 seconds per move
Entry fees: If entered before December 3rd: $60 ($50 concession and junior) add $10 for non-members. Add $5 if entering after December 3rd. GMs and IMs are free and club member FMs are free, if entered before December 3rd.
Brilliancy prize: $40 voucher from MCC bookshop (see 2013 winners).
Notes: Players may take 2 half point byes in rounds 1-4. Half point byes are not given in rounds 5-6.
Half hour forfeit time.
Results/draw: On Chess Chat tournament discussion - click here.
Links: Current entry list
Advice on parking
Facebook event
Closed at 6.50pm
               6.50 pm
Round 1:Friday Dec 6, 7.00
Round 2: Saturday Dec 7, 10am
Round 3: Saturday Dec 7, 2.30pm
Round 4: Saturday Dec 7, 7.00pm
Round 5: Sunday Dec 8, 10am
Round 6: Sunday Dec 8, 2.30pm
By cash, cheque or direct debit:
Bendigo Bank, Carlton
Branch BSB: 633 000
Account Number: 132887126
Account Name: Melbourne Chess Club Inc.
If paying by direct debit, please email stating your name, the amount paid and the date you paid.
Paying on the day is fine.

How to enter

You can enter online by completing our Online Tournament Entry. No need to pay now, either on the day in cash or before the tournament with electronic transfer.

You can also call Paul Cavezza on 0449 009 320.

It is much better to enter early because your entry will encourage others to enter and the bigger the tournament the more prizes we can offer. It is ok if you decide later to withdraw, but please let us know.

If the online entry form does not work for you then please let us know on Chess Chat, Facebook, send an email to the Club President, tournament organiser, or arbiter or email to the club email address

Make sure your name appears on the list below within a couple of days.

If you decide you want to do the competition within 24 hours of the first round, then please call either the organiser or arbiter, or turn up half an hour before the tournament starts.

Are you coming from interstate?

Ask us about billeting. Some of our club members are willing to host interstate families for the weekend.

List of entries

Showing 63 items
Last NameFirst NameTitleFIDE RatingACF RatingMaybesByesPaid
Last NameFirst NameTitleFIDE RatingACF RatingMaybesByesPaid
Miezis Normunds  GM 2565     
Jordan Bill FM 2270 2271    
Stojic Dusan FM 2239  2320    
Rujevic Mirko IM 2220 2266    
Dragicevic Domagoj FM 2217  2253    
Schon Eugene  2202 2243    
Nemeth John  2123 2179    
Partsi Dimitri  2095 2115    
Milojevic Miodrag  2083 1984  R.1  
Kerr Bill  2020 2107    
Stojic Svetozar  2008 2053    
Penrose Justin  1993  1975  R. 1  
Ly Thai  1982 1944    
Kolak Chris  1980 1893    
Dizdarevic Mehmedalija  1959 1895    
Schmidt Simon  1945 1939  R. 2  
O'Molloy Eamonn  1926      
Kalisch Tom  1907 1856    
Chew Lee Max  1884  1915    
Voon Richard  1874 1826    
Hain Anthony  1873  1805    
Bekker Gary CM 1857 1806    
Chmiel Rad  1843 1753    
Szuveges Narelle WIM 1839   R. 5, R. 6  
Singh Surjeet  1807 1741    
Chew Jason  1806  1783    
Barber Geoffery  1765 1699  R. 1  
Cameron James  1762 1813    
Dale Finley  1739 1583    
Grabovac Marko  1722  1717    
Lin Gary  1710 1607    
Hughes Jack  1710 1497    
Kaplan Alex  1695 1616  R. 2  
Krstevski Tristan  1683 1582  R, 1  
Yang Ray  1641 1460    
Renzies Elliot  1628 1459  R. 1 R. 4  
Krishnamurthy Mukesh  1624 1491  R. 1  
Watson Jean  1583 1324  R. 3  
Yu Bobby  1582 1502  R. 1  
Webb-Little Miranda  1532 1351    
Frayle Ben  1532 1241    
Chew Lee Alanna  1513 1335  R. 1  
Crowley Regan  1487 1172  R. 1, R. 4  
Bhat Vishal  1461 1601    
Lai Dominic  1451  1187  R. 1  
Kolak Tanya  1443 1231    
Lim Casandra  1436 1060  R.1, R.4  
Lim Christopher  1424 1038  R.1, R.4  
Worthley Stephen   1918     
Dai Cheng   1563     
Guo Zhi Lin   1405  R. 1  
Saint Alex    1362    
Fan Jenny   1320    
Guo Zhi xin   1182  R. 1  
Yeoh Michael      R. 4  
Maunders Myiesha     R. 2  
Chiverton Fergus       
Hain Michael       
Ghafouri  Khosrou        
Wu Yang       
Barber Isaiah     R.1  
Dale Simon       
Prouse Nicholas       
Showing 63 items