Where to eat, drink, shop, wait

Fitzroy is a unique part of Melbourne. Between games or while waiting you can take your pick from the many affordable gourmet cafes, bars and restaurants which cater for any taste. On the food & drink front, within 100 metres of the club you can find Thai, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Vegetarian/Vegan, Vietnamese, Greek, Afghan, African, Fish & Chips and much more! To shop you can check out Melbourne landmarks like the Rose St Artist's Market just 50 metres from the club where independent clothes, jewellery, wallets, accessories of all kinds are on offer. Some suggestions (you can find these by walking 50 metres to Brunswick St and turning right):

1.     The Gypsie Bar

The Gypsie Bar do great antipasti and meals; like many of these little places on Brunswick St they have a menu that you wouldn't necessarily expect when walking past. If you're looking for fun on Friday or Saturday night, The Gypsie Bar goes from cafe to bar and the live music is eclectic, original and great quality.
Check out their amazing MENU. I'd describe it as Italian-Eastern-Spanish Fusion!!

2.     The Vegie Bar

An MCC favourite. Former Club President Greg Gatto looks 10 years younger thanks to this establishment. On any tournament night or during any weekender you'll find at least a few MCC players enjoying a meal here (whether they're vegetarian or not). Less than 50 metres from the club; the food, the smoothies, the gluten free cakes and the coffee are great, the service is friendly and they're usually pretty quick too. Take away is available- check them out.

3.     Patee Thai
Around a hundred metres from the club on the corner of Brunswick St and Rose St, the award winning Patee Thai has big servings and is generally delicious. Here's their menu.

Open on Saturday's from 11am to 5pm, the Rose St Artist's Market is a little gem. It brings together lots of budding designers of just about any clothing / accessory / jewellery you can imagine. There's some really creative stuff here. If you come to play the allegro, maybe check it out before our 2pm start time!

5.     Also check out: http://www.brunswickstreet.com.au/